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We are dedicated to providing personal nursing care for the elderly to the highest quality, with service, care and facilities exceeding all expectations

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I wanted to try and express my gratitude to you and all the staff who helped care for my Mother, during the short time she was at Woodside Hall. No words can adequately give value to the care that she received. She felt happy and safe and this was all down to the way she was treated. From the moment she was admitted she was afforded a care full of individuality. This in turn allowed her to face her illness with dignity. My sister and I felt blessed to be with her at the end, it made such a difference to us all as a family. All of you made a real and profound difference, thank you.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
To all the amazing staff at Woodside Hall, thank you so much for taking such great care of my mum. You all do an amazing job.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
A huge thank you for looking after my mum so well and for your continued patience and kindness, helping on her road to recovery.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
I am very happy with the care that my mother has received in the time she has been at Woodside. I visit her on a regular basis and always find the home clean, tidy and welcoming whether it is in the morning or afternoon. My mother settled at Woodside very quickly which made it easier for us to accept she was now in a nursing home. It is lovely to visit her and find that she now joins in activities where she is able. I feel her sense of well being has improved so much as she no longer feels isolated.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
I am pleased and reassured regarding the care my wife receives at Woodside Hall Nursing Home. The care and consideration given to the patients and their families is evident the moment you walk into the home.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
It's pen to paper once again, but not for me to complain, I'm in this lovely nursing home so haven't very far to roam. I like to think my brain still works but muscles in my body shirks, "put that down", "I'll do that" but it's still there when they come back. But I keep at it 'til it's done, it's all part of my life's fun. It might not seem much to you but what else do I have to do? My room looks better everyday, when things from home come into play, one or two ships are here, yes! Ships I said, never fear. Photos of friends and family too, yes, they have all made it through, so thank you Woodside Nursing Home, it seems to me home from home!
A poem by a current Woodside Hall resident
I would like to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful care and attention given to me by both the medical nursing team during my stay. I cannot thank you enough and I will certainly be happy to recommend this nursing home to others needing respite care.
An ex-respite resident
Thank you very much for looking after my mother-in-law whilst my husband and I were in America. We appreciated the break and the rest did us good. She always talks very highly of you all.
A Woodside Hall respite resident family member
We would like to thank you for helping to celebrate her 100th birthday - the flowers with balloons were lovely, the catering marvellous, the help from the staff wonderful. It all helped to make her afternoon special. We thank you.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
Her time at Woodside for the last few months was so well cared for - thank you all involved in her nursing. Knowing she was in 'good hands' made us feel so pleased.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
I can't thank you enough for all your wonderful care and kindness over the last seven weeks.
An ex-resident
Just a small note of thanks to all the staff. Woodside Hall has been a great relief to the family knowing she was well looked after. Many thanks to everyone.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
I wish to thank you, all the nurses and staff at Woodside Hall for the wonderful care my husband received in your care. You were all so kind to him.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
We would like to thank all the nursing staff for their kind care and attention to my cousin, in her seven months at Woodside Hall I'm sure she appreciated the help she had to make her comfortable during her illness. Thank you also to the staff who always greeted us with a smile and a cup of tea.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
Just a line to say thank you for my lovely stay, and the nice food. Thank you all, you gave me a lovely week.
An ex-resident
Thank you for the kind care and attention given to my mother during her time at Woodside.
A Woodside Hall resident family member
Just a small appreciation of the the kind help and assistance I have had from everyone all the time I've been here. It has all been so much appreciated by myself and my family.
An ex-resident

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